What's Different?

Did you ever wish you had a trusted advisor who’d really listen and not just repeat the latest one-size-fits-all solution?  

At Organizations By Design (OBD) we know that advice is only as good as the listening that goes into it.  As an OBD client you’ll get experienced, broad-based coaching and consulting, tailored to achieve what matters to you.  You won’t get shifted to junior associates.  Our clients tell us they value the partnership, skills transfer, and extraordinary responsiveness they get from us.

How may we help you?

Our services can help:

  • When you're moving to a new scope of responsibility and you want to make the most of the opportunity.

  • When conflicts get in the way of producing business results.

  • When outspoken group members dominate and introverted ones abdicate. 

  • When groups make decisions that don't stick.

  • When you need to get people pulling in the same direction or unblock an organizational logjam.

  •  When your strategy seems “out of synch” with your customers or competitive playing field.

  • When the “way we do things around here” seems fat, fragmented or convoluted.

  • When the leadership team can't get on the same page.

  • When you spend a lot of time strategizing how to deal with a "problem person" or creating work-arounds to avoid re-opening old wounds.

How We Work Together

We help individuals, teams, and organizations make the most of transitions.  We foster growth at "moments of truth."  We partner with insiders to shape the strategy, structure and culture that will call out your best.  We commit to:

  • Respect and take into account the unique nature of your situation.

  • Help you reach a deeper and more actionable understanding of your challenges.

  • Marry your best thinking with our proven track record to come up with tailored solutions that work for you.

  • Involve key stakeholders in creating changes that stick.

  • Provide “real time” coaching and troubleshooting to help you deal with the unexpected along the way.  

Where do I go from here?


Workshops and Presentations:

Most recent public workshops and presentations:

  • Facilitation: Getting the Best from Participation (Association for Quality and Participation, American Planning Association)

  • Navigating Conflict: The Journey to Resolution (Organizational Development Network of Chicago, Western Suburbs Coaching Community and Chicago Organizational Development Institute Chapter) 

  • Strategic Planning for Tough Times (Illinois Parks and Recreation Association)

  • Creating System-Wide Change: The Deep River Bed of Organizational Alignment (Human Resources Management Association of Chicago)

  • Leadership Coaching: How to Break Through Resistance When the Heat is On (Midwest Facilitators Network)

  • Leadership Coaching: Moving from Breakdown to Breakthrough (Society of Human Resources Professionals)

  • Executive Coaching: Current Methods and Practices (Human Resources Management Association of Chicago)

  • Coaching: Calling Out the Higher Self (Chicago Organizational Development Institute Chapter)


Contact Information:

email:  toni@organizationsbydesign.com
Phone: 630 393-0853
Fax:     630 393-4854


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